VA Stats

Schedules: 3474
Total Flights: 21993
Aircraft in Fleet: 351
Pax Carried: 3918736
Total Hours Flown: 41184
Total Flights Today:
Average LR -272
Pending Applications: 0
Active Pilots:98
Total Pilots On Leave: 18
Total Inactive Pilots: 0

New Pilots

Leonardo Del PĆ³polo EZY5271

Eliot Lee EZY5270

Nizam Tengku EZY5269

Miguel Lopes EZY5268

Vincenzo Musumeci EZY5267

David Keff EZY5265

Joao Melo EZY5264

Sam Westley EZY5263

Shanniah Kirnon EZY5262

Jack James EZY5261



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The Original and Best, established 2010. Welcome - Jetva (Virtual Airline)

The Original EasyJet Virtual Airline is a Virtual Airline,

We are a free non-profit, non commercial organisation for use with Microsofts Flight Simulators, FS2004(FS9), FSX and FSX-SE and also the new released version FS2020. We also support LM's P3Dv3,v4 and v5 as well as X-Plane.

We aim to provide a free for members virtual environment for flight simulator enthusiasts that simulate the type of operations flown by the real world company easyJet UK, incorporating easyJet Europe, based in Vienna and easyJet Swiss, based in Geneva.

We have been running since February 2010 and easyJet are aware of our existence, while many have come and been closed down, we remain because we do things properly. Forget the rest come and join the best, we are here for the long term. If you want to simulate regularly updated routes, destinations and fleet that easyJet fly in a friendly, family-like virtual airline, then come and join us today!

If you want to challenge yourself then we were one of the first VA's to implement the use of a flight performance scoring system which after every filed flight using our custom tracking system will analyse your flight performance and score your flight based on many set parameters. Unlike many other VA's, the system will point out where you have exceeded set levels for safe flight, they are set to the current operation of the real world airline. We still support the use of B737's and B752's within our historical fleet.

Recent Flights

Flight # Dep Arr Duration Pilot Landing Rate Aircraft Status
EZY8922 LPFR EGKK 03.12.05


-196.85 fpm A320


-519.04 fpm A320
EZY7011 EGGP EHAM 01.12.20


-179 fpm A320
EJU4031 LFPO LFBO 0.58


Not Recorded A320
EJU8020 LFBD EGKK 01.50.19


-156.87 fpm A320
EZY402 EGPF EGGD 01.00.01


-307.58 fpm A321
EZTT1L17 LFSB LFPG 00.54.50


-203.77 fpm A320
EZY1832 EHAM EGCC 01.13.30


-448.3 fpm A320 FS LABS